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My Interfaith Relationship. The Past and the Present

April 30, 2019

This week on the podcast the tables are turned on Terri. Instead of hosting this episode, Terri is the guest on the podcast starring guest host Auroosa K. who's guest hosted with Terri before on "Motherhood, I wasn't Prepared for This!" and "A Whole Brain Child Review". On this episode, we are talking about interfaith and interracial marriages. 

Terri, who is a Pakistani Muslim, is married to Jeremy who is a Catholic Canadian. Together they have 2 children and instead of choosing one religion, they have decided to raise their kids in a dual faith home. While they are both not practicing their religions, the values that come from the religions are important to both. We talk to Terri about what it's like being in an interfaith relationship with Jeremy, how they first met and began dating and the obstacles and challenges they have faced along the way because of their decision to raise the kids with both religions and cultures. 

This is part one of the podcast, we will be back later this week with part 2 where we discuss the fears and challenges of interfaith relationships and the impact Terri fears and suspects it may have on her kids in the future.

Thank you Auroosa K for coming on the show and being the host. Auroosa is also launching her own podcast on May 1, 2019 called This is You Podcast. Terri is one of her first guests on the show where Auroosa talks to Terri about her religious upbringing and how that has impacted her and shaped her into the person she has become today. You can find her on

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